Right now I’m working on a new piece for PHOENIX16 for six voices and play-along, to be performed in Berlin on december 30th.
Working title is „Tiffany“.

In June I was awarded the Carl Nielsen Talentprize – what an encouragement!

Speech for the 50th anniversary of Aarhus Unge Tonekunstnere (2016)

Something Larger (Presidential Suite No. 1b, Orchestra Version) (2013)

guilty pleasures (2013, ongoing)
songs for midi and/or instruments/singers.
nearly all combinations from pure midi to all-live are possible.
these tracks are performed by sibelius 6 midi samples. This is an ongoing project, more songs to come.

Oh no, don’t (Presidential Suite No. 2) (2012) – video

Mücke/Mitte – ein komponierter Essay (2013)

Ich seh sie, sobald ich im Vorraum steh (2011/12) für Bariton, Klavier und Zuspielung

Something larger (Presidential Suite No. 1a) (2011) für Big Band und Zuspielung